The benefits of an engagement shoot

2013-11-25_0005Engagement shoots. I love them. Why? Because we always have such fun on them. As with all my photography, I prefer much more relaxed, natural and personal photos that capture your story and relationship. The engagement session is a really great time to explore this and great some gorgeous photos from it too.

Still need convincing? Here’s a few of my top reasons to love engagement photos:

  • This is an invaluable way for us to get to know one another. By the time the big day arrives, I’ll know what you makes you tick and will have a sense of your style which I can incorporate into the photographs.
  • Practice makes perfect. It’s not often you’re in front of the camera for a whole day as you will be at your wedding so the engagement shoot will help you get used to the camera and the process of it all. It’s also a great way to ease any nerves you may have about the wedding photos; we can work through any concerns you have until you’re entirely comfortable.
  • The photos are perfect to use on your save the dates, for invitations or even as signing boards on your wedding day.
  • This is a chance to really get creative and crazy, so if you have an idea in mind – whether it’s throwing paint at each other, getting dressed up in your Sunday best or even just taking the dogs for a walk – we can capture a set of photographs that really are unique to you.


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